Winter Is Coming

Dear Goddamned Dog,

Fifty-six. It is fifty-six degrees out, and you’re shivering hard enough to shake this computer as you lean against my leg.

I have some bad news for you: You now live in New England.

While this does mean certain very good things for you – beaches, lots of visitors, Things, training, sleep-away camp, an upcoming turkey dinner I’ll fill you in on at some point – it also means winter. Winter is a thing that makes it a whole lot colder out than fifty-six degrees. It also makes something called “snow” that I suspect will less than thrill you.

But in the mean time I’ve got you covered, literally. While the Swissies never required anything more than a couch for comfort, you apparently require a great deal more. I’ve got a fluffy blanket for you to Winter Burrito in, and a self-heating bed to keep by the fire (apparently the same people intent on tormenting middle-aged women have found an additional use for their oven-like bedding). I just ordered you a sweatshirt from Amazon. Thanks to you, I’m now a person who buys a dog clothing.

And if nothing else, a warm lap and a towel will have to do until they, and winter, arrive.

Welcome to the cold north, Beagz.


Your Person


  1. Your story telling is fantastic. I want to be a burrito in a comfy blanket. You are very talented. I enjoy reading your articles. Keep up the good work.

  2. Welcome to New England! I live in central Massachusetts. Where are you?
    Your beagle, from the back, looks a lot like my “oversized beagles” Cooper and Charlie Brown. They are coonhound mixes, and huge.
    Enjoy the fall and winter!

      1. Awwww! My first dog was a small beagle. She was “the runt of the litter”. I grew up in Framingham. 🙂 I never realized you lived here!!! Small world.

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