Slightly Under The Weather

sickDear Goddamned Beagle,

I’m very sorry you’re under the weather. No fun to have nasty things happening at all ends, and it’s clear you feel lousy. You even missed your jump this morning, crashing into the window seat before I lifted you up onto it. You still managed to burrito into your blanket, and there you remain despite some favorite visitors there to distract you.

Just want to let you know however that the vet was quite complimentary last night when giving you your Sub Q support. Not every dog has enough loose skin to hold as much fluid as you do, and he seemed impressed at your camel-like features.

The people in the waiting room seemed slightly less impressed by your misshapen, leaking hump, but what do they know. Everyone’s a critic.

Meanwhile, once you’re feeling slightly better I’ll show you the delights of Sick Dog Food the way it’s done around these parts. Chicken, rice, and lots of TLC to go with.

Feel better, Beagz.

Your Person

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