Festival Clean Up

Dear Goddamned Dog,

Dozens of 10′ tents; hundreds of pounds of gear and paper goods and auction items and give-away toys and office supplies and training equipment and coolers full of treats; numerous 10′ PVC walls with tarps wrapped around them, and dozens of hay bales; signage, T-shirts, donation bins; rain gear; hammers and stakes and 2,000 feet of snow fencing; zip ties and twine and scissors and tape; Volunteer schedules for 70+ volunteers; agility equipment, nosework boxes, weight pull sleds and harnesses and long lines, Kibble Quest containers; golf cart rental and return; press and TV interview and PR communications; bins and bags and bundles laden with everything it takes to put on an annual festival for thousands.

IMG_3716Thank you for finding that one leftover peanut butter sandwich a Thing had stored in a bag I had not yet gotten to. I really appreciate that. I’ll assume that smacking/licking noise you’re making is to remind me of my tardiness in putting everything away. If you could stop that, I’d really appreciate it.


Your Person

(Here’s some information about our Somerville Foundation for Animals and the annual September Somerville Dog Festival.)

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